TA-Slider campaign
Industry leaders hint at healthy TA-Slider order book pipeline

A delegation of VIP guests recently visited IMI Hydronic Engineering’s Ol​​​kusz facility to learn more about our innovative new actuator range, TA-Slider​, and take part in a film being produced to support the launch campaign.​ 8 key decision makers, including Consultants, Designers and System Integrators from across Europe, visited the factory as part of a 2-day event and got the chance to see first-hand the impressive new production line.
Don't just take our word for it, hear what the professionals have to say about TA-Slider​​!



​All 8 guests have a significant say in purchasing or specifying components for major construction projects. They were hugely impressed by the state-of-the-art production and testing facilities, as well as the insight they gained from an exclusive seminar presented by Jean Christophe Carette, head of our Hydronic College. Feedback was extremely positive, as is evidenced in the video and customer quote included below, and a number of delegates have already confirmed that they will be either specifying​ or placing orders for TA-Slider actuators “as long as the price is right.”    ​
"Just a quick note to say how much my customers and I enjoyed the visit. The feedback that I had privately was just as glowing as they expressed when interviewed, if not more so. Nick has a large project that he is about to switch to TA-Slider actuators following the visit. Tony and Paul are about to employ Nick's company on a project where they will be using our products.

The seminar combined with the factory visit and the stay in Krakow will, without a doubt, help to secure more sales in the UK. Thank you again, I really appreciate how hard you must have worked to organise such a great visit."​
​Jay Goodwin, Senior Sales Engineer London & SE (UK)
With such positive feedback, we think we can safely say that our TA-Slider campaign is off to a flying start!
TA-Slider campaign