Balancing valves

​​Our comprehensive range of balancing valves deliver accurate control and hydronic performance and are particularly suited for use on the secondary side in heating and cooling systems or tap water applications. Made from long-lasting, corrosion and leak resistant AMETAL® or stainless steel, the digital handwheel makes them easy to set, a positive shut off function simplifies essential maintenance and self-sealing measuring points help you quickly and efficiently achieve optimal balance and control.​


STAD-B Balancing valve for domestic water systems.
STAD-D Balancing valve for domestic water systems, DN 10-50.
STAD-C Balancing valve DN 15-50 with double secured measuring points.
STAD-R Balancing valve DN 15-25 with reduced Kv.
TBV Terminal valve.
STAF, STAF-SG Balancing valve – PN 16 and PN 25 – DN 20-400.
STAF-SG – ANSI flanges Balancing valve – DN 20-400.
STAF-R Balancing valve – PN 16 (DN 65-150) – Gunmetal.
STAG Balancing valve with grooved ends – DN 65-300.
TA-BVS 240/243 Balancing valves of stainless steel, for high media resistance.
TA-BVS 140/143 Balancing valves of steel.
STAD – PN 25 Balancing valve DN 10-50, PN 25.
STAD – NPT threads Balancing valve DN 10-50, PN 25.
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Balancing Valves