Control valves

Giving you control at every turn is what our range of control valves is all about. We produce an unparalleled range of standard control valves, combined balancing and control valves, prefabricated heating interface units and actuators that help you simply and effectively achieve optimal balance and control. Suitable for multiple heating and cooling applications, including zone and room control, flow measurement, differential pressure and temperature control, every valve in our range is made from corrosion and leak-resistant AMETAL® and will provide long-lasting durability and optimal hydronic balancing.

  • Combined control and balancing valves for small terminal units
    ​​Our innovative and extensive range of combined balancing and control valves for small terminal units are suitable for every type of HVAC installation.
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  • Combined control and balancing valves
    ​​We produce innovative balancing and control valves and pressure independent control valves for heating and cooling systems that give you control at every turn.
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  • Standard control valves
    ​​We have a standard control valve that is suitable for every challenge you are likely to face.
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Control Valves