Standard control valves

​​We have a standard control valve that is suitable for every challenge you are likely to face. They include valves designed for zone and room control, valves suitable for heating and cooling systems in building applications, innovative solutions for process engineering, sanitary and industrial plant applications and butterfly valves for open and closed circuits. Every product in our range is manufactured to the highest standards and designed to deliver optimal balancing and control to help reduce energy consumption and deliver cost-effective, long-lasting performance.


CV216/316 MZ 2- or 3-way, DN 15-25, brass.
CV216/316 RGA 2- or 3-way, DN 15-50, bronze.
CV216/316 RGA – NPT threads 2- or 3-way, DN 15-50, bronze.
CV206/216 GG, CV306/316 GG 2- or 3-way, DN 15-200, cast iron.
CV216/316, 225/325, 240/340 S/E 2- or 3-way, DN 15-300, for high temperature and pressure.
BR12WT Butterfly valves, DN 25-200.
TA-6-way valve 6-way valve for change-over systems.
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Standard Control Valves