Delivering an energy efficient solution to Shanghai's International Shipping Centre.


Set to become a major hub for the city, the Shanghai International Shipping Centre is a 320,801m² multi-phase development in the heart of Shanghai's downtown boasting several phases of commercial property including office, retail and leisure space, as well as prestigious residential apartments.
The owners of the project, Shanghai Hui Gang Real Estate and Hong Kong Fang Xing Real Estate, were looking at the possibility of installing a more energy efficient and sustainable heating, ventilation and air conditioning solution (HVAC).
Having successfully worked with IMI Hydronic Engineering on previous projects, project contractor, Shanghai No 5 Installation, asked for their hydronic balancing expertise to be applied once again during the project design stage.
IMI Hydronic Engineering met with Shanghai Hui Gang Real Estate and Hong Kong Fang Xing Real Estate in order to develop an in-depth understanding of the customers' objectives. Through its technical knowhow, the company was able to work with both clients, providing educational seminars as well as design assistance using its propriety software TA Select.
Impressed by the vast knowledge base of IMI Hydronic Engineering, the owners requested their assistance to achieve a fully balanced system in the energy centre through the use of 300 high performance STAD and STAF balancing valves and STAP differential pressure controllers.
The system solution from IMI Hydronic Engineering has the aim of reducing energy consumption by 25% against previous design conditions, helping to achieve well balanced systems in the energy centre, as well as in three buildings east of the complex (two with seven floors and one with twenty-seven floors).
IMI Hydronic Engineering has secured further contracts to deliver yet more of its industry leading hydronic distribution systems to the additional project phases, due for completion in 2015.​
Project type Office & Commercial buildings
Building Shanghai International Shipping Centre
Location Shanghai, China
Gross area 320,801 m2Owner Hui Gang Real Estate and Hong Kong Fang Xing Real Estate
Products STAD, STAF, STAF-SG and STAP​

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Shanghai International Shipping Centre