The Green Office Delivering a complete hydronic solution for France's first energy positive building.


The challenge
Energy efficient buildings don't get much better than the Green Office in Meudon. As France's first energy positive building it actually produces more energy than it consumes! The building has been designed to cut back on energy consumption by 65% compared with those buildings built to RT 2005 standards, France's most recent energy regulation for buildings. Broad experience in optimizing hydronics systems and the ability to deliver system solutions cutting back energy consumption helped IMI Hydronic Engineering win this project.
The solution
The IMI Hydronic Engineering team in France were able to provide a complete systems solution for the building's pressurisation, balancing and thermostatic control requirements allowing the building owner to accurately control the temperature of each room depending on actual heating requirements thereby maximising comfort while keeping energy consumption low.
Working closely with the designer from the early design phase, the team carefully analysed the system requirements and proposed a solution that would deliver on the tough energy efficiency targets. Throughout the project realisation IMI Hydronic Engineering worked closely with the installer and also provided commissioning support using their unique knowhow and expertise to ensure the heating, cooling and ventilation systems to meet the high energy efficiency demands of the owner.
The outcome has been such a success that IMI Hydronic Engineering have been asked to work on the cooling extension of the system.
Project type Office & Commercial buildings​​
Building The Green Office
Location Meudon, France

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