Federation Tower Skyscraper Complex ​​IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures an ideal climate inside the highest building in Europe.


The “Federation Tower” complex, built on the 13th lot of the Moscow International Business Center “Moscow-City”, is the highest skyscraper in Europe. The total area of the “Federation Tower” complex is 442,915.2 sqm.

The complex is comprised of two towers constructed on a single shared podium (stylobate).
  • The East Tower — 95 floors 373.7 m in height.
  • The West Tower — 62 floors 242.4 m in height.

The Task
During construction of the “Federation Tower” complex, the strictest of existing construction regulations were applied. The construction and the technologies used were supervised by Turner Construction Company, the State Construction Supervision Committee of the city of Moscow (Mosgosstroinadzor), as well as several leading construction research institutions.
Against the backdrop of a large number of rooms with a diverse set of intended uses, the huge overall height of the building and the specifics of its construction, the task of ensuring a comfortable climate inside rooms as well as lowering the total energy (power) consumption of the complex was vital.
Taking the aforementioned issues into account, the customer put forth a number of technical requirements, including (but not limited to) development, installation, and commissioning of highly productive and effective heating and cooling systems. And the project had to be completed within a strict time frame. Moreover, due to the high cost of the area per square meter, limits were imposed on the possible area to be occupied by technical equipment.
The Solution​
IMI Hydronic Engineering came up with a solution for the given task which required installation of about 3,000 sets of IMI Heimeier thermostatic equipment as well as more than 4,000 balancing and control valves, including TA-FUSION combined valves, DA 50 and unique TA-PILOT-R differential pressure controllers.
To ensure the future possibility of fine hydraulic adjustment of the water supply circuits in accordance with specific applications, the customer also bought the unique TA-SCOPE balancing instruments.
As a result, the solution developed by IMI Hydronic Engineering allowed full compliance with the strictest of requirements for microclimate, reliability, and energy efficiency of the engineering systems.
This approach contributed to the “Federation Tower complex” becoming the winner of the global FIABCI “Prix d'Excellence” contest in the “Office real estate” category.

Project type Office & Commercial buildings
Building Federation Tower Skyscraper Complex
Location Russia
Gross area 442,915 m2
Consultant Turner Construction Company


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Federation Tower Skyscraper Complex