Residential quarter in Kiev, Ukraine IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures comfortable indoor climate at new residential quarter, Ukraine.


When building state-of-the-art Novopecherskie Lipky residential quarter in Kiev, the developer UDP wanted to ensure the highest quality in every aspect, including energy efficient heating and ventilation. As such, an expert heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) provider with the expertise and capability to meet the indoor climate requirements was vital.
When planning the new residential quarter in the heart of Kiev, UDP decided to create a “small city within the city” featuring high quality residential living as well as social and commercial amenities, including schools, shops, leisure and medical facilities. When construction of the multi-phase development is complete in 2017, 20 residential complexes, comprising nearly 4,000 apartments, will occupy almost 20 hectares of landscaped parkland.
The challenge
UDP’s wish for all buildings within the new residential quarter to boast high quality energy efficient heating and ventilation provided a challenge; meeting the needs of a wide variety of building designs, from commercial and leisure to residential blocks up to 30 floors high.
The HVAC provider had to deliver high quality hydronic solutions to perform in warm summers, as well as harsh winters, but also maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with precise temperature control. This called for the expertise of an experienced HVAC solutions provider to see the project through from the initial design stage, to completion.
The solution
IMI Hydronic Engineering worked closely with design consultants, BIP PM, from the outset of the project, to develop an in-depth understanding of the customers’ indoor climate and temperature objectives, and then propose the most appropriate solution to best address these objectives, such as the issue of ensuring working pressures up to 25 bar and temperatures up to 150°C in the district heating units, providing a stable and comfort indoor climate.
In reviewing the design of the energy efficient system solution from IMI Hydronic Engineering, UDP decided that the company’s expertise, coupled with its after sales support, provided the ideal all round solution to enable precise temperature control.
IMI Hydronic Engineering’ system for the first two phases of construction was based on a comprehensive range of equipment utilising IMI Hydronic Engineering control and thermostatic products to the value of €140,000. IMI Hydronic Engineering supplied a combination o​f STAD and STAF balancing valves, STAP differential pressure controllers, DA516 differential pressure controllers, TAC-CV216 zone control valves, and pumped hot water supply controls to suit the specification requirements.
The outcome
As a result of the successful performance of the IMI Hydronic Engineering control valves in achieving efficient, trouble-free heating and ventilation, the developer has agreed that all future HVAC requirements will be delivered using IMI Hydronic Engineering products, to ensure maintain future quality and efficiency.
Thanks to the innovative solutions in HVAC systems, offered by TA Hydronics, the design parameters were achieved to provide the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency in all facilities of the residential quarter Novopecherskie Lypky. Based on this successful experience, our company is interested in the further implementation of TA Hydronics’ products and solutions during installation and commissioning of HVAC systems. - Vladimirov Denis, Vice Director of LLC “K-Term” ​
Project type Multi purpose
Building Novopecherskie Lipky 
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Gross area 684,014 m2
Consultant BIP PM
Owner UDP
Investment € 140,000
Products STAD, PM 512, DA 516, DAF 516, Vekotec and Regutec​


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Residential quarter in Kiev, Ukraine