Hva er kostnaden ved dårlig komfort?

Når det er kaldt, er det da slik at rommene nær energikilden er for varme, mens rom lengre unna er for kalde? Hvis svaret er ja, kan de hende at systemet ditt ikke er i balanse.

En dårlig balansert installasjon gir ikke den ønskede komforten, og den fungerer heller ikke under optimale forhold.

Hva er hydronisk balansering?

Vannbåren innregulering er en viktig aktivitet for å oppnå nødvendig gjennomstrømning gjennom hele systemet, noe som garanterer at hver terminalenhet mottar minst sin design gjennomstrømning under alle driftsforhold. Det er med andre ord prosessen med å optimalisere fordelingen av vann i hele bygningen for å oppnå maksimal komfort til en minimal energikostnad.

Why is my system out of balance?

As water is lazy, it will always choose the path with the least amount of resistance. That is, if a heating system is not balanced, it will allow too much flow to terminal units in rooms close to the pump, causing them to get overly hot, while not allowing enough flow to rooms further away, resulting in an uncomfortable temperature.

How can hydronic balancing help me save energy?

When the heat is correctly distributed in the system, the average temperature can be reduced. For each degree the average temperature can be lowered, the energy consumption of the property is reduced between 6% and 11%.

Thermostatic valves and control equipment can work to their design efficiency in all temperature conditions. Balancing identifies the lowest possible circulation flow, and this reduces the work done by the pump and the energy costs.

A reduction in energy consumption of 20% to 35% and a payback period between six months to a year are not unusual. Systems that have been correctly balanced will make life more comfortable for the tenants, reduce building life-cycle costs for the owner and minimize the environmental impact. A win-win for all!

Did you know?

1°C  more or 1°C less in a single room rarely makes any difference to human comfort or energy costs. But when the average temperature in the building is wrong, it becomes costly. 1°C above 20°C increases heating costs by at least 5-8%. One degree below 23°C  increases cooling costs between 10 and 16%.

Achieve hydronic balancing with AFC Technology

Reliable hydronic balancing with Eclipse and Dynacon Eclipse can be as easy as: Fit, Set and Forget!

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