Centrumplan Geleen NL

Ensuring a comfortable and sustainable climate for both shops and apartments in a new development.

The challenge

The Centrumplan in Geleen, Holland is a new mixed development by Delta Lloyd Vastgoed of 12,000 sq metres accommodating both apartments and retail units. These various areas have very different heating and cooling needs during the course of a day, creating greater complexity for the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The customer was looking for a reliable and experienced partner who would support every stage of the project including design of the hydronic system, installation, commissioning and training.

The solution

IMI Hydronic Engineering provided a solution that ensuresfull controllability of the variable hydronic system. It includes manual balancing valves and differential pressure controllers.

The latter ensure that the differential pressure is kept constant in the hydronic system thereby improving the working conditions for the control valves. IMI Hydronic Engineering also made the circuits hydraulically independent so that the system can be extended step-by-step without having to rebalance the whole system. The pre-setting of TA's STAD and STAF manual balancing valves was carried out by IMI Hydronic Engineering engineers which made the installation process quicker and easier.

A special seminar was held for personnel from Thissen Installatietechniek on advanced balancing, commissioning, diagnosis and troubleshooting of the system using the TA-CBI measuring instrument. This HVAC system will provide a comfortable indoor climate, minimise energy use and run smoothly for many years to come.​


Project type
Multi purpose
The Centrumplan
Geleen, The Netherlands
Thissen Installatietechniek, Maastricht

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