Pabellón M, Mexico

Discover how on-off control could provide efficient system configuration to one of Mexico’s tallest buildings

Leading-edge design and close collaboration reduces commissioning times and delivers highly-efficient hydronic distribution system.

One of the tallest buildings in Mexico, the Pabellón M in Monterrey is a mixed-use facility offering commercial, hospitality and convention space spread across 48 floors.

The Challenge

The sheer size and scope of the project presented significant technical challenges. Any solution had to address the needs of a diverse range occupants and uses, as well as coping with a demanding thermal load. The innovative use of a water-cooled VRF system added to the challenge and accentuated the need for a highly efficient hydronic distribution system.

The Solution

Our Engineering Support Centre worked closely with the building designers, Sensa, to design an innovative solution that would deliver the desired temperature control and provide the most efficient system configuration.

A combination of industry-leading pressure independent balancing and control valves and resilient manual balancing valves were chosen to help ensure a variable flow rate throughout the system capable of optimising both performance and efficiency. The capacity to pre-set valve configurations also significantly reduced commissioning times and simplified the installation process – a critical factor given the size of the project.

“Working alongside IMI TA’s experts meant we were able to design a complete system solution that addressed the project’s specific needs directly – not just buy valves,” said one Sensa Design Engineer.


Project type
Commercial, hospitality and leisure facility
Pabellón M
TA-Compact-P, STAD, STAG

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