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The TA-Slider 160 Modbus CO and the TA-Modulator filed test.

Customer engagement

Nordomatic is a well-established system integrator with over 350 employees located in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. During a technical sales meeting with representatives from IMI Hydronic Engineering, Nordomatic’s engineers explained their preferences when it comes to HVAC system design and control type; more specifically using supply-, return-temperature and flow for control. Our solution for modulating control using TA-Modulator and TA-Slider was a near-perfect fit for Nordomatic’s preferences, the only thing missing was the possibility to measure temperature and flow for added visibility and control.

At that time the BUS versions of the TA-Slider actuators were still in the developing phase, therefore we had the opportunity to add two external temperature sensors to the Modbus/BACnet versions of TA-Slider 160/500, which would continuously show two temperature measurements and flow rates. As part of the tailored development, the technical team at Nordomatic agreed to conduct a field test of our solution using TA-Modulator with TA-Slider 160 Modbus CO at one of their ongoing installations at the Hospital in Borås, Sweden.

The field test

The hospital in Borås is a regional hospital with around 35 buildings and an area of 201 827 m2. Each building has a WDC (Webb Computer Central unit). The WDC is a WEB server that controls and monitors all HVAC applications in the building. Mybis is an interface where you can see the whole hospital as one unit and allows you to filter down to the lowest level; e.g. actuator at an air handling unit. Since the hospital has a sensitive environment it was decided to “only” use TA-Slider 160 Modbus CO for monitoring of supply-, return-temperature and flow in the field test.

Two TA-Sliders 160 Modbus CO were installed on an air handling unit. One on a TA-Modulator DN25 for heating and the other one on a Modulator DN32 for cooling. Two Pt 1000 temperature sensors were connected to each TA-Slider to measure supply and return temperature. The actuators were controlled with 0-10V from a PLC controller. The Modbus communication was used for monitoring the flow, the supply and the return temperatures.


The outcome of the field test was excellent. The TA-Slider 160 Modbus CO and the TA-Modulator delivered a robust and accurate flow control and reliable monitoring of flow and temperatures. The technical team at Nordomatic was very satisfied with the results and recommend this solution for control of flow and temperatures for future installations with high requirements.

"The reason we believe so much in this solution is because we trust the quality of products by IMI Hydronic Engineering, they have extensive experience and expert knowledge when it comes to water-born heating and cooling systems. In addition, this new technology enables continuous follow-up of the media temperatures and flow, via WEB-interfaces, and the optimal control of the energy use, which is fully aligned with our own long-term company goals when it comes to energy-efficiency and the environment. We can confidently envision a future together with IMI HE". Anders Johanson, Operations Developer from Nordomatic

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