About IMI plc

IMI plc is a global engineering group that focuses on precision fluid engineering. IMI plc incorporates three divisions, each working to make its vision come to life – IMI Hydronic, Norgren and IMI Critical

IMI plc’s vision is to create tremendous value by solving critical industry problems in attractive markets and working with the best. To take on the biggest fluid engineering challenges in the most exciting industries. To explore new technology and new ways of thinking to keep improving everyday life. Breakthrough Engineering for a better world.

Across its three divisions, IMI plc employs around 10,000 people in over 50 countries, all sharing their knowledge and expertise. It’s a global community of experts and engineers working at the top of their game.


"Our purpose - Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World"

IMI plc - Ambition


IMI’s purpose is at the heart of everything we do, it is why we exist. We are committed to achieving profitable growth on a sustainable long-term basis while creating a better world for everyone we engage with – our Customers, our Employees, the Communities we serve and operate in, and our Shareholders.

Our Values are an important part of who we are, as they provide a culture and collective mindset for our entire organisation.  These Values – Customer Intimacy, One big team, Playing to win, and Integrity – underpin all that we do, and ensure we maintain the foundations that have enabled IMI’s success throughout its 150-year heritage.


We focus on serving those markets that have sustainable growth characteristics, and where our proven engineering expertise can develop solutions for the most acute industry problems.  This provides us with a platform for long-term profitable growth as we help our customers become safer, more sustainable, and more productive.

We target those fluid and motion control applications where our expertise is most valued. Within IMI Precision, this includes Industrial Automation, Transportation, Life Sciences and Process Industries. IMI Critical has an established leadership position in the most severe process applications within the Power and Oil & Gas industries, which continues to generate a significant aftermarket opportunity through parts, service, and upgrade solutions.  Given the longer-term challenges in these markets, IMI Critical is increasingly developing and growing its presence in markets with greater growth potential, including Naval Marine, Pharmaceutical, and the fast-developing Hydrogen economy.  Finally, IMI Hydronic has an established suite of products serving the hydronic heating and cooling markets, enabling customers around the world to improve energy efficiency and comfort in buildings.

Across all these chosen markets and applications, our products and services are increasingly incorporating digitally enhanced solutions.  These solutions often increase operational intelligence so customers can drive further productivity, or they enhance IMI’s connections with customers to improve service levels and allow faster innovations for their most pressing issues.

IMI plc - Priorities


IMI plc differentiators

Across our businesses and end markets, the common thread which underpins IMI’s success is its deep engineering knowledge and applications expertise, developed over decades of supporting our customers and end markets.  This has built a brand and market reputation position that our peers cannot match.  Our customers trust IMI to support their most difficult fluid and motion processes, which has increasingly led to developing full system solutions vs. selling individual products.  This fully utilises our engineering expertise, builds even stronger connections with customers, and increases opportunities for future sales into the installed base.

We deliver ‘Value Today’ by continuously improving how we serve our customers, nurturing fantastic relationships that enhance trust, and simplifying the way we organise and operate our business.

We create ‘Value Tomorrow’ by focusing our energy towards the greatest challenges our customers and society will face, developing creative and innovative solutions at pace. This includes growing and investing in our digital capabilities.

While continuing to serve and grow our well-established markets, IMI will take our deep expertise into new markets, particularly into those industries and applications that are helping to deliver a better and more sustainable world. Areas like hydrogen production and distribution, personalised pharmaceuticals, and automation end of arm tooling are just some examples where our knowledge and expertise can accelerate an improved quality of life for us all.  We fully believe this will enable our engineering expertise to deliver an even greater positive contribution to society, will build a more sustainable and profitable business, and will ultimately help IMI fulfill its purpose: Breakthrough Engineering for a Better World.

“As our world continues to change rapidly and the demand for cleaner, safer and more energy-efficient resources continues to grow, customers need our expertise more than ever” - Roy Twite, Chief Executive