Pomona and Asterstraat

Major Residential Complex Refurbished with 2,940 IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K Heads.

The Project

The Housing Association of Wageningen, in the Netherlands, refurbished one of their largest residential complexes to modernize the building and increase the comfort of the residents. One of the items that required extensive renovations was the 490 apartments, which needed their heating systems to be upgraded. IMI Hydronic won this project in May of 2019 and finalized it by October of the same year.

The Hydronic Challenge

The two residential complexes are made up of more than 400 apartments and house a variety of residents. As a result of this diversity, owners have had a hard time finding a solution that ensured all tenants could benefit from a comfortable indoor climate while at the same time, keeping energy costs low.

The Solution

Ensuring all residents would benefit from energy  savings without compromising on comfort, we advised the client to install IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K-Heads, in the 490 apartments.

The Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves, in combination with the K Head, was the best solution for the needs of the client. The Heimeier K-Head, with its built-in sensor and the AFC technology integrated into our Eclipse thermostatic valves, allows for highly-precise temperature control in each room. These features were significant to the project as the client wanted a solution that allowed for personalization by the end-users to ensure their indoor comfort and wellbeing. In the long term, this combined solution provides energy savings as end-users will not feel the constant need to adjust the temperature creating inefficiencies in the system hence wasting energy.

Finally, due to the number of apartments, the owner needed a solution that could be installed in a variety of layouts and system setups. The Eclipse thermostatic valve was the perfect solution because, once the flow is set, it can not be exceeded, and the valve controls the flow rate independently from differential pressure, which can arise due to the system setups. The K-Head also tackled this challenge as its external sensors allow for installation in a variety of surroundings. The features of this solution ensured that the owner would not need to buy different thermostatic heads for each apartment.

The client was delighted with the benefits of the advised product and installed 2,940 Heimeier Eclipse Thermostatic Valves with Heimeier K-heads in the 490 apartments and is planning to use this technology in several upcoming renovations.

"We were very satisfied by the solution advised by IMI Hydronic, and plan to expand the installation of the IMI Heimeier range to another seven apartment buildings."

Products Used
IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves and IMI Heimeier K-Heads

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