Teatro de la Opera, Oslo

Minimising energy consumption at the new opera house in Oslo. ​

The Challenge

The opera house project is a part of the EU-project ECO-culture. The ECO-culture project is about demonstrating energy efficient technologies integrated into three high performing cultural ECO-buildings, the Danish Royal Theatre, the Amsterdam library and the new opera house in Oslo.

The project focuses on improving energy efficiency by designing the system in a way that minimises energy consumption for heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting.

To meet the energy efficiency requirements the hydronic system had to be fully controllable i.e. the design flows must be available at all terminals at full load and the differential pressure across the control valves must not vary too much.

The Solution

TA Hydronics has a close relationship with the consultants and the installer. The consultants have participated in seminars and were familiar with the TA Hydronics balancing concept and products. The consultant was confident that TA Hydronics could offer a solution that will give the system the right conditions to provide comfortable indoor climate with minimum energy consumption. TA Hydronics manual balancing valves and differential pressure controllers were installed and balanced to provide a fully controllable hydronic system. This will ensure a comfortable indoor climate as well as energy efficient operation.


Teatro de la Opera
Teatro de la Opera, Oslo
Oslo, Noruega
Erichsen and Horgen

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