RADET Bukarest district energy

With over 1,800 kilometres of piping, the district heating system in Bucharest, Romania is the second largest in the world providing heating comfort for more than 600,000 residents.

When this massive network required a new hydronic solution to make the heating service more energy efficient, IMI Hydronic Engineering proved it was the company that could go the distance. ​

Three top suppliers competed for the project and in the end it came down to a combination of several strengths – financial, technical and production capability, in addition to the level of support that could be offered. IMI Hydronic Engineering came out a clear winner.

The challenge

The district heating company, RADET Bucuresti, required a solution implemented over a 5-year renovation project period, that will help deliver the right heating power, in the most efficient way, to an extensive network covering 10,000 blocks of apartments. In addition, the customer needed a solution with real staying power, which could keep the system optimally balanced for 30 years.

The solution

IMI Hydronic Engineering provided the optimal solution, which was built upon the right technical expertise, knowledge sharing, practical training, superior logistics service and high-quality products.

In the design phase, IMI Hydronic Engineering worked very closely with Elsaco Electronics as a strategic partner. IMI Hydronic Engineering' technical experts supported the design team with balancing expertise, hydronic calculations and component selection. Technical education was offered through a series of training sessions to make installation, commissioning and maintenance procedures easier. The components installed are primarily balancing valves and differential pressure controllers enabling precise control of differential pressure and flow rate. This will result in correct distribution of heating water within each apartment block. Precisely scheduled deliveries are ensuring that the extraordinary amount of components – 21,557 in all – are delivered and installed at the required point in time, ensuring the 2011 deadline is met.

"Our close partnership with TA ensured that our demand for greater energy efficiency and flexibility across the 600 substations of RADET’s heating system in Bucharest was successfully achieved." - George Nistor, Director, RADET Bucuresti, Romania


Project type
District Energy Networks
District heating network renovation
Bucharest, Romania
Poyry Energy LTD
RADET Bucuresti
€ 3,000,000