Case Studies

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We have an outstanding track record of creating perfect indoor climates with our customers. Take a look at our case studies to learn how our products and solutions have brought energy efficiency and optimal control to all kinds of projects, ranging from residential renovations to the world’s tallest building and pretty much everything in between.​

King Upkot Residential

Brussels, Belgium   -The King Upkot project is a new residential construction, in Brussels, Belgium. The building will be a student residence of more than 2,000 m2, made upfor 8 floor a...

Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany -  The clinic is one of the largest in the region, seeing +23,000 patients a year, has 500 beds and 1,000+ staff, and hosts various specialities, from a s...

MTC Poort Centraal

Den Haag, Netherlands -  The project is a large government building of 90,000m2. IMI Aero-Dynamiek won the project in January 2018, due to its expertise in plumbing and in health code re...

Enayati Medical City

Bucharest, Romania - The combined solution will allow Enayati Medical City to maintain an optimal indoor environment, keeping its users comfortable and, most importantly, safe.

College Antoine Courriere

Cuxac, France - An eco-responsible renovation project of a high school in the south of France, ensuring optimal comfort for all users. 

Zelené Vlčince

AFC Technology is a game changer -  improving flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of use. This residential project Zelené Vlčince is in Žilina, Slovakia, and consists of several new resi...

Outram Community Hospital

Optimal performance for comfortable indoor environment for all users of Outram Community Hospital in Singapore.

Shanghai International Shipping Centre

Delivering an energy efficient solution to Shanghai's International Shipping Centre.

Infinity Tower

The Infinity Tower in Kirchberg will combine commercial spaces with an office tower, shopping mall as well as a luxurious residential tower. The 25-storey tower will culminate at 104 mete...

New Recklinghausen City Gardens

AFC technology a game changer in renovation project.

Regional Authority Office

The renovation of the Regional Authority Office building in the city of Liberec in the Czech Republic is a public procurement contract.

Renovation of Educational Units

Renovation of Educational Units of City Buzau

Asia Square Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures optimal indoor climate for Singapore’s Asia square tower.

Československá obchodní banka

Universal bank Československá obchodní banka a.s. wanted optimal indoor climate and efficiency for its new headquarters, the biggest office building in the Czech Republic.

Cidade Administrativa Presidente Tancredo Neves

IMI Hydronic Engineering’ know-how in hydronic systems and HVAC optimisation helps meet ambitious efficiency targets at the new state government office complex in Minas Gerais, Brazil. ...

Federation Tower Skyscraper Complex

​​IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures an ideal climate inside the highest building in Europe.

Gardens by the Bay

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures optimal indoor climate for award-winning Gardens by the Bay, Singapore.


Helping to provide the right degree of temperature control at a Hammarplast Consumer factory enables huge energy savings and optimises production.

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The university’s system had to be optimised to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with precise temperature control and a high level of efficiency.

Hotel-Restaurant Lange

Hotel-Restaurant Lange in Leer, Germany opened in 1972 with just 20 rooms, but as it gained popularity several extensions and structural changes were made to accommodate increased demand....

Kalvebod Brygge

OPP Kalvebod Brygge is a completely new office building in the centre of Copenhagen. It hosts important players of the region such as the Danish Railroads and the Danish Energy Agency. ...

Residential quarter in Kiev, Ukraine

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures comfortable indoor climate at new residential quarter, Ukraine

Allure of the Seas

Delivering a hydronic solution ensuring the highest comfort levels on the world’s largest passenger vessel.​

Astra Tower

Optimal room temperatures for Hamburg’s new Astra Tower.

Bocconi Urban Campus

The new Bocconi Urban Campus, is one of the major urban projects over the last years with the highest architetural quality.

Burj Khalifa Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering saves time and creates the perfect climate for the world’s tallest building.

China Resource Centre (CRC)

Delivering optimum indoor climate with trouble free operation for a high profile new development.

Energie AG

Making the world's first passive energy office building possible.

Ethias Head Office

Three in one’ solution offers improved indoor climate for Belgian head office.

Flower Auction

Pressurisation system in the world’s largest commercial building helps maintain the optimum temperature for flowers.


Delivering 15% energy savings to residential development renovation in Sundsvall.

Harbord Diggers Memorial Club

Discover how the TA-6-way valve was able to deliver efficiency and control to a combined chilled and hot water climate control system.