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For over 125 years, at IMI TA we have continuously pursued a deep understanding of the hydronic system and its challenges. We work closely with you, sharing our knowledge and helping you address some of the most complex hydronic challenges in the most demanding applications.


First manual balancing valve in the world

TA launches the world's 1st manual balancing valve in 1957


Years of experience

August Hilmer Andersson (AHA) began manufacturing water and heating fittings in Ljung, Sweden in 1897


Projects world wide

At IMI TA, we understand that to create a cost-efficient and balanced indoor climate, you need more than just products. We stand by you through the entire project’s lifetime, to help solve your challenges and meet your needs.

Our solutions


Bring DATA to live with Smart Control

We empower you with real-time insights, enabling swift decision-making for enhanced system performance. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to smart fluid management. 



Pressure Independent Balancing and Control valves (PIBCV, also known as PICV) combine the functionality of a Balancing valve, Control Valve and DP controller. It delivers stable indoor comfort that is energy efficient and digitally configurable.


Digitally configurable actuators

Our extended-range actuators are a universal and flexible solution for modern HVAC systems - fully compatible with control systems, with or without BUS communication. They also offer user-friendly commissioning and can be configurable via the app. 

Software and Apps

Software and Apps

Whether you are designing a system from the ground up or looking to improve the performance of existing installations, we have the applications and software to help you achieve high levels of energy efficiency 

A brief video about IMI TA

Always at the forefront of innovation

IMI TA Factory

Our factory

With a focus on reducing our carbon footprint, we cast our exclusive Ametal alloy in a high-pressure die casting foundry. Our modern manufacturing site delivers premium solutions globally, employing efficient and sustainable processes.


Customer Innovation Center

Powered with a reality lab to understand the future of products and Testbed for new products and services, our customer innovation centre is the heart of IMI TA connecting our history with innovation to create sustainable solutions for the future.



Our in-house R&D teams set the bar high when
working on new technologies and looking for
out-of-the-box approaches — combining
technical know-how with hands-on experience
with precision design and manufacturing.

We support you throughout your entire project with our hydronic’s expertise

Hydronic City

Hydronic City

Whether you're managing a commercial office space, a healthcare facility, a data centre or a residential complex, our tailored HVAC systems are designed to optimize indoor environments while minimizing energy consumption. Explore our offerings and discover how we can elevate your indoor climate control experience.

HyCollege training

Hydronic College

Our Hydronic College team is happy to equip you with comprehensive hydronic tools and system knowledge through training, seminars, and expert support services.



Are you seeking personalized advice? Our expert HVAC hydronic team assists you in assessing, identifying, and implementing cost-effective HVAC system improvements tailored to your needs.

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