Creating buildings for the future with connected solutions

With connected solutions buildings become easier to manage through:

- Immediate access to information

- Transparency on system performance 

- Faster time to solution in case of technical issue

TA-SMART : Bringing data to life

TA-Smart is our 2-way control valve with uniquely shaped EQM characteristics with flow, temperature, and power measurement capabilities

The ultrasonic flow measurement technology combined with unique actuation algorithms capabilities provide best-in-class control performances. The TA-Smart controls can be set to flow or power, giving high on-site flexibility and providing highly effective comfort in heating and cooling applications. Its compact arrangement and simple set-up reduce installation and commissioning time.


Complete range of linear actuators that:

- Gives you full flexibility in design, control, and installation. 

- Reduces commissioning time by up to 50% 

- Offer multiple solutions for efficient digital configuration 

- 10 times more setting parameters for flexible installation options

BrainCube connect : Gives you control and full visibility anytime, anywhere !

Its communications and connectivity versatility allows for seamless integration with your building management system, direct on-site connection, and the ability to connect to the IMI Hydronic Web-Interface Cloud solution.