Efficient dirt separation technology

Boost the performance of your HVAC system with our separation technology


Flow noise, gurgling radiators and reduced heat output all become a thing of the past with efficient separation technology!

From residential projects to large-scale commercial installations, we have the right solution for all your water quality needs!

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Helistill technology

Helistill Technology

The lower the speed, the higher the efficiency!


Achieve the highest separation efficiency in low flow conditions thanks to the Helistill technology.


How it works?

During the sedimentation process, the flow slows down along with the dirt particles entering the Zeparo chamber. Some particles start to fall due to gravity and the remaining ones bump into the helistill and consequentially fall down as well.

Cyclonic Technology

The higher the speed, the higher the efficiency!


Cyclonic separation efficiency stands out in system applications with higher flows!


How it works?

A water vortex exerts a centrifugal force on dirt particles and thrusts them against the separator’s outer wall. The lower velocity at the edge of the cyclone allows gravity to move the particles to the bottom of the separator.


Cyclonic technology
360 rotation easy to install

360˚ rotation


With 360 degrees rotation design, Zeparo ZT turnable can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipes.

In addition, the separation chamber may be completely detached, allowing for installation in tight spaces.