Optimize your building's hydronic system with our HyPerformance Solution

Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy, with HVAC systems accounting for 50% of this consumption.The world cannot afford ignoring the energy efficiency of buildings any longer.


Discover the power of HyPerformance and achieve up to 50% energy savings

HyPerformance Solution

We handle the hard work, you reap the benefits

Our HyPerformance solution is dedicated to helping you save energy. Our team of hydronic experts will collaborate with you and other HVAC stakeholders to understand the system challenges, conduct a thorough assessment of your HVAC system, identify cost-effective renovation or optimization actions, and provide support during the implementation process.

Throughout the project, your dedicated IMI Hydronic sales contact ensures smooth progress and closely collaborates with our Engineering Support Center (ESC) when needed, leveraging their accumulated expertise to identify significant opportunities for savings.

Our ESC consists of a team of twenty in-house experts specializing in various aspects of HVAC, including balancing, control, actuation, pressurization, water quality, and thermostatic control. With their proven expertise and technical knowledge, alongside personalized partnerships, our comprehensive approach 
has successfully helped numerous buildings to reduce their energy consumption by up to 50%.

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How it works

The process

HyPerformance - 1

Consultation & Exploration

Connect with our Hydronic Sales Consultant to discuss your unique challenges.

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Measurement & Data Collection

Gather critical system data, with our guidance or in collaboration with key stakeholders.

HyPerformance Assessment

Assessment & Recommendations

Assess system performance holistically and provide tailored recommendations.


Implementation & Monitoring

Assist with installation and commissioning of recommended actions. Monitor performance and energy consumption.

HyPerformance Solution

Check out our HyPerformance projects

In a shopping mall

A Shopping mall with two separate chilled water plants, responsible for the air conditioning of the entire building, was suffering from several inefficiencies, wasting over R$1M in its energy bills. Pordeus Serviços de Manutenção LTDA worked in collaboration with the IMI Hydronic Engineering team in Brazil to reengineer the chilled water system which helped to achieve a 67% reduction in electricity consumption.  

In a university

The University of York’s Biology department wanted to improve the efficiency of its cooling system, which in the summer months was not able to meet the temperature requirement of its lab spaces. Expert commissioning support from the IMI Hydronic Engineering team in the UK, helped to achieve optimal system performance and better energy efficiency without having to replace expensive plant equipment.

In a research institute

The chilled water system at the IT Research Institute (ITRI) in Taiwan was experiencing the common problem of Low Delta T Syndrome in traditional ON-OFF-controlled variable flow systems, leading to over-flow, discomfort, and noise. To address this issue, the ITRI partnered with the IMI Hydronic Engineering team in Taiwan to improve system performance and efficiency achieving energy savings of up to 60%. 

In a high school

IMI Hydronic Engineering helped a High School in France upgrade its heating system to reduce energy costs and lower its carbon footprint, utilizing government funding opportunities.

Still contemplating?

Why should you upgrade your building's performance?

The current state of our planet demands urgent action. With energy consumption surpassing sustainable levels, it is crucial that we all make a difference. While new energy technologies and storage solutions are developing, the most effective way to decrease our energy footprint is to reduce current usage or optimize our energy efficiency.

Given the significant impact of HVAC systems on worldwide energy consumption, there's a heightened focus on building performance.
As governments introduce financial incentives and explore regulations to encourage building owners to enhance energy efficiency, the real estate industry is experiencing a noticeable shift. Tenants are increasingly prioritizing spaces with green certification labels, while investors are showing a growing interest in businesses that boast a strong ESG profile. As energy costs rise, enhancing building performance for energy savings has become a paramount concern for real-estate owners and developers.

At IMI Hydronic Engineering, we believe that significant energy savings can be achieved without drastic measures. Our experts specialize in fine-tuning hydronic systems, determining the cost-effective actions that unlock maximum energy savings with minimal disruption.  


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HyPerformance - Passion

Why choose IMI Hydronic Engineering?

Saving energy is our passion

With three hundred years of combined knowledge in three key areas of HVAC, IMI Hydronic is an expert in hydronic systems. This means we do not focus only on products; we think about solutions that consider a full system approach to hydronic design and optimization, ensuring all aspects are optimally working together to deliver energy efficiency, along with the desired level of comfort and system durability.

This expertise, together with a holistic approach to the problem makes us the perfect partner for renovation and upgrade projects, whether you are a building owner, an HVAC consultant or an energy auditor. 

Enabling HVAC systems to operate as efficiently as possible is part of our DNA, so let us use our knowledge and passion to connect the dots for you and help you achieve your energy-saving goals. 

The energy revolution starts here: experience the HyPerformance difference and maximize your building's efficiency, comfort and savings.


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