BrainCube Connect

BrainCube Connect is an intuitive control unit that enables full connectivity for all our IMI Pneumatex Tecboxes.

Its communications and connectivity versatility allows for seamless integration with your building management system, direct on-site connection and the ability to connect to the IMI Hydronic Web-Interface Cloud solution, giving you full visibility and control anytime, anywhere!


“It is a significant improvement by IMI Pneumatex that you can remotely control the system via your smartphone or laptop.” Stefan S., Germany

NEW: Master-Slave communication via Ethernet-Multicast

Critical applications, such as district heating, hospitals, and data centers, often require multiple sub-power plants located kilometers away from the main thermal power plant for reasons like redundancy or expanding power demand. Connecting these widely spaced substations through traditional wiring is challenging. Master-Slave communication via Ethernet-Multicast for IMI Pneumatex revolutionizes this by using existing Ethernet networks, eliminating the need for complex cabling between substations and ensuring effective communication.

Save time & costs

 Avoid unnecessary travel when you can monitor and control system parameters online! 

With the remote operation you can not only see what is happening live but also being able to adjust settings, change values, access logging data, troubleshoot the system whether you are on or off site! BrainCube Connect will also notify you per e-mail about system information, events and alarms so that you can react on time before a problem worsens!

Easy to install and operate

The menu was carefully designed so that you can easily access essential system parameters. In addition, it also contains a built-in help menu with instructions and it is available in more than 10 languages!

Reduce complexity

BrainCube Connect is designed and validated to fit seamlessly with IMI Pneumatex TecBoxes. Furthermore, our solution adapts easily to your business and scale seamlessly with your needs!

Compatible devices

Are you ready to enter the world of connectivity?

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