Air in systems comes in many forms each requiring its own solution

The service life and efficiency of HVAC systems can be strongly affected by air and dirt trapped inside the system.  Adequate air and dirt removal allow you to reduce this risk and protect critical elements such as pumps and boilers. 

The benefits of air control in HVAC systems are: 

• Optimized energy use
• Prolonged system service life
• Quiet operation
• No downtime
• Reduced risk of corrosion

Air in systems comes in many forms each requiring its own solution

The air that is trapped inside HVAC systems is one of the main causes of system failures and inefficiencies. Please check into our movie to find out more about the different forms that air can take inside of a system as well as the types of products required to remove it from the system 

Find the right degassing solution for your system

Vento Connect by IMI Pneumatex is the solution for at least  50% more efficient degassing, thanks to the Vacuum degassing technology.
The wide range of products provides a solution for almost any building type, from large to small. 

Removing dissolved gasses is essential for HVAC system health

The dissolved gases in water, mainly oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, will compromise water quality. They must be eliminated quickly and effectively. 
Regular replenishment of freshwater inside of the system will continuously add more dissolved gasses to the system.

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