Birouri și clădiri comerciale

Oferiți un mediu de lucru sigur și confortabil în care angajații dvs. se pot simți excelent, cu ajutorul unui sistem HVAC foarte eficient

Expertiza noastră aplicată

The Green Office

Delivering a complete hydronic solution for France's first energy positive building.

Schwandorf District Offices

IMI Hydronic Engineering AFC technology solves decades-long problem

Pabellón M, Mexico

Discover how on-off control could provide efficient system configuration to one of Mexico’s tallest buildings

Palazzo di Fuoco

Pallazo di Fuoco, the historical palace of Loreto’s square, near Milan’s Central Station, will be renovated.

Millenium Tower II

Balanced hydronic system provides energy savings and comfortable indoor climate in new office development.

Energie AG

Making the world's first passive energy office building possible.

Ethias Head Office

Three in one’ solution offers improved indoor climate for Belgian head office.

Burj Khalifa Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering saves time and creates the perfect climate for the world’s tallest building.

Astra Tower

Optimal room temperatures for Hamburg’s new Astra Tower.

Cidade Administrativa Presidente Tancredo Neves

IMI Hydronic Engineering’ know-how in hydronic systems and HVAC optimisation helps meet ambitious efficiency targets at the new state government office complex in Minas Gerais, Brazil. ...

Asia Square Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures optimal indoor climate for Singapore’s Asia square tower.

Shanghai International Shipping Centre

Delivering an energy efficient solution to Shanghai's International Shipping Centre.

MTC Poort Centraal

Den Haag, Netherlands -  The project is a large government building of 90,000m2. IMI Aero-Dynamiek won the project in January 2018, due to its expertise in plumbing and in health co...

Československá obchodní banka

La sediul central Československá obchodní banka a.s. s-a dorit un climat ambiental optim și eficiență energetică, toate acestea pentru cea mai mare clădire de birouri din Cehia. Know-how-...

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