Pressurisation technology

Correct pressurisation for better durability and efficient performance

The correct pressurization of HVAC systems is critical to their performance and longevity.

IMI Pneumatex offers pressurisation technology with superior resistance, connectivity, and flexibility to meet a wide range of applications.

Pressurisation technology

Why is pressurisation so important?

Correct pressurisation is critical to ensure the durability of your system and its energy efficient performance. Why?

Because the fluid contained in HVAC systems expands and contracts as system temperatures go up and down leading to changes in its volume. 
When temperatures rise, system liquid expands and when temperatures decrease, the volume contracts. The increase in pressure due to expansion can cause the safety valve to purge the media from the system. That boosts the water make-up demand, subsequently increasing the risk of corrosion due to “fresh” water intake. Similarly, a drop in pressure can lead to air intake that causes corrosion and dirt, the biggest enemies of water-based HVAC installations.

Therefore, investing in the right pressurisation equipment is one of the most critical choices you can make to safeguard system performance and longevity.



Pressurisation technology

Our 3 pillars for superior performance


One of the key aspects that guarantees the superiority of a pressurization vessel is the quality of the bag in which the system media is contained.

Our vessels are equipped with bags made from Butyl, a material that provides 5 to 10 times higher gas resistance than any other comparable membranes in the market, making it incredibly resistant.


Another key technology that differentiates IMI Pneumatex pressurisation equipment from the competitor is the connected BrainCube technology which enables full visibility and control of your pressurisation equipment anytime, anywhere for full peace of mind.

Learn more about BrainCube technology


IMI Pneumatex was founded in 1909 in Basel, Switzerland, focused on Swiss-quality manufacturing, innovative technologies and a core belief that system prevention is always better than searching for a remedy. 

Thanks to over a century of know-how it this field we have been able to build a large product portfolio with a clear mission to tackle HVAC system problems before they appear: keeping systems free of gas, dirt, and sludge, ensuring long service life and efficient heating & cooling performance. 


From individual homes to residential complexes all the way to skyscrapers and district heating

3 families of Pressurisation vessels

Pressurisation Statico

The Statico vessel family

Static pressurisation system:

Ideal for smaller applications, from 3 to 10 bar in pressure.

Learn how they work in this video.

Pressurisation Compresso

The Compresso family

Pressurisation system with compressors:

Suitable from medium to large applications, from 3 to 10 bar in pressure.

Learn how they work in this video.

Pressurisation Transfero

The Transfero family

Pressurisation system with pumps:

Suitable for large applications, from 10 to 25 bar in pressure (bigger sizes can be made bespoke upon request).

Learn how they work in this video.

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