AFC Technology

How dynamic are you? Reliable hydronic balancing with Eclipse and Dynacon Eclipse can be as easy as: Fit, Set and Forget!

AFC technology allows you to easily achieve hydronic balancing.

By setting the required flow for the individual radiators directly on the Eclipse valve, the system is reliably balanced.

Solutions with AFC technology have been designed so that once the valve has been set to the correct value, the desired flow rate will not be exceeded regardless of the differential pressure. Even in case of oversupply, e.g. due to the closing of neighbouring valves or during the morning warm-up phase, Eclipse automatically regulates the flow to the set value. Complex calculations to determine the setting values are not necessary.

Hydronic balancing can be made as easy as setting your Eclipse valve


  • The control gate that manages the flow is set to the calculated flow value by turning the setting to the desired value with the adjusting key or open-end wrench.
  • If the flow at the valve increases, the sleeve inside the control gate is moved by the increasing pressure, thereby continuously limiting the flow to the set value. This mechanism ensures that the set flow is never exceeded.
  • If the flow rate drops below the set flow rate value, a spring pushes the sleeve back into its starting position.


Easy commissioning with AFC technology

  • Easy commissioning, no complex pipe network calculations required
  • Easy to use: install, set, and forget
  • The flow can be directly adjusted on the valve (setting value 1 = 10 l/h, 2 = 20 l/h, etc.)
  • The set flow is never exceeded
  • No hydraulic interference when opening or closing other valves/system sections
  • Proven technology – successfully used for more than 7 years
  • Exchange or testing of upper parts under pressure possible
  • A solution for every need: the AFC product range is available for all types of radiators & underfloor heating
  • Optimized energy consumption and indoor comfort for best customer satisfaction
  Eclipse Dynacon Eclipse installation


Applications - Ideal for renovations and complex systems

When it comes to renovation, HVAC systems can have their challenges. In older HVAC systems, radiators can be widely branched making it difficult to understand the flow requirements inside the different sections or radiators. When in addition reliable drawings of the HVAC system are missing, calculations of network resistance and output requirements in the different sections can be almost impossible. AFC technology allows you to take the guessing out of the renovation work by creating a constant flow independently of the differential pressure.


System image

Exchange flow & return on Multilux V two-point connection valve for bathroom radiators

Very easy to refit! The video explains how easily flow & return can be refit on Multilux V for bathroom radiators or other radiators with two-point connection. The process of refitting Multilux V, Multilux, Multilux 4-Set with pre-setting or automatic flow control is virtually the same and as simple.

How to install an Eclipse valve

Please refer to this movie for an easy visual guide on calculating and setting an Eclipse valve.