Thermostatic control brings comfort and energy efficiency to homes

IMI Hydronic Engineering is recognised for its know-how in bringing comfort to homes. Our products deliver energy-efficient comfort with products that are durable, easy to install, and reliable at all times. 

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IMI Hydronic Engineering AFC

Hydronic balancing can be as easy as fit, set, and forget 

thanks to the Eclipse valves with AFC technology


The system is reliably balanced by setting the required flow for the individual radiators directly on the Eclipse valve.

Solutions with AFC technology have been designed so that once the valve has been set to the correct value, the desired flow rate will not be exceeded regardless of the differential pressure.

Even in case of oversupply, e.g., due to the closing of neighboring valves or during the morning warm-up phase, Eclipse automatically regulates the flow to the set value. Complex calculations to determine the setting values are not necessary.

Excellent thermostatic control is essential to indoor comfort 

IMI Heimeier proposes a wide range of thermostatic heads and valves suitable for radiators and underfloor heating solutions.

IMI Hydronic Thermostatic Heads