Zeparo ZT Turnable: Extreme installation flexibility


Unique variety of applications, exceptional modular structure. 

With 360 degrees rotation design, Zeparo ZT turnable can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipes.

Erwitte, October 4 – IMI Hydronic Engineering has announced a new addition to its respected range of dirt and microbubble separators – the Zeparo ZT turnable.

The Zeparo ZT turnable separators supplement IMI Pneumatex’s comprehensive range around venting and separating microbubbles, sludge, air and magnetite in heating and cooling water systems and protecting important system components such as pumps, boilers, heat pumps, and heat meters. The Zeparo series has set the standard for highly efficient and durable performance in commercial applications for more than ten years.

These same qualities are now available with even more flexibility for domestic use and smaller installations.

Zeparo Turnable - 360 rotation.jpg

Zeparo ZT Turnable: 360˚ rotation

The Zeparo ZT turnable is the ideal solution for many different applications thanks to its modular structure, pressure-rated all-metal housing (PN 10), and ability to install horizontally and vertically.

  • Flexible turnable dirt separator up to DN 32
  • Optimum combination of all known separating principles
  • Easy installation and less maintenance work
  • Cost-effective solution with a long service life

It allows for detaching the separation chambers from the connector during installation, making the system quick and easy to install in any position and guaranteeing a long service life.


Discover more about Zeparo ZT Turnable on our Product page.