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We want to support your business by providing you with useful tips and facts on how you can increase the energy efficiency of your customers' HVAC systems.

For example, by installing new thermostatic radiator valves for optimal heating control and valves with AFC technology for reliable hydronic balancing. You can reduce their energy waste and costs.

Use these tips and facts to promote your services and expertise.

Why renovate?

With the EU goal in mind to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, most of the existing housing stock in Europe will have to undergo renovation in order to make them more sustainable and energy-efficient.

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (‘HVAC’) system accounts for 50% of a building’s energy consumption. Therefore, the operation of this system sits at the heart of every major residential renovation project. However, changes do not have to be drastic for significant improvements to be seen and felt. In this ebook we aim to answer the most common questions about HVAC systems and guide you through changes you can carry out in order to make your home more energy-efficient...


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AFC Technology: Fit, Set and Forget!

Install reliable hydronic balancing with Eclipse and Dynacon Eclipse.  

AFC technology allows you to easily achieve optimal hydronic balancing

By setting the required flow for the individual radiators directly on the Eclipse valve, the system is optimally balanced.

Solutions with AFC technology have been designed so that once the valve has been set to the correct value, the desired flow rate will not be exceeded regardless of the differential pressure. Even in case of oversupply, e.g. due to the closing of neighbouring valves or during the morning warm-up phase, Eclipse automatically regulates the flow to the set value. Complex calculations to determine the setting values are not necessary.

Our expertise applied

Zelené Vlčince

AFC Technology is a game changer -  improving flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of use. This residential project Zelené Vlčince is in Žilina, Slovakia, and consists of severa...

New Recklinghausen City Gardens

AFC technology a game changer in renovation project.

Hotel-Restaurant Lange

Hotel-Restaurant Lange in Leer, Germany opened in 1972 with just 20 rooms, but as it gained popularity several extensions and structural changes were made to accommodate increased demand....

Palazzo di Fuoco

Palazzo di Fuoco, the historical palace of Loreto’s square, near Milan’s Central Station, will be renovated.

Pomona and Asterstraat

Major Residential Complex Refurbished with 2,940 IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K Heads.

Schwandorf District Offices

IMI Hydronic Engineering AFC technology solves decades-long problem

State Opera House

The State Opera house in Prague, Czech Republic, is a 132-year-old building that holds a special place in the city’s history. From the summer of 2017 to the end of 2019, the building went...

Tirol Kliniken

The project was in the Health-Care sector and is located in Innsbruck Austria; the project consisted of the full construction of a new hospital complex. The role of IMI was to plan, execu...