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Among the subjects you will see in a practical way are:

Energy Insight Calculator

Tool to simulate the degree of consumption, environmental impact, and energy use associated with different balancing and control valves, control valve actua-tors, and this also includes installa-tion and commissioning time. 



Software to select the optimal control and balancing valve, calcu-lation of pipe diameter, pump head, and presetting of balancing valves.


Pump Optimization

How to maximize pump energy savings with varying loads in a variable flow system. VSP pumps effect on authority for each valve.


Balancing fundamentals

Explains the negatives to overflow-ing and underflowing from a comfort and energy standpoint. This info. comes from a chapter in the ASHRAE handbook which deals with testing, adjusting, and balancing.



Digital balancing instrument that measures and saves readings of differential pressure, flow, temperature, and power in hydron-ic systems.  Links with HySelectPC software for ease of uploading and analyzing data.


Pressurization and Water Ilustrator

Comparison between pressurized and atmospheric tanks Types of air and particles present in the system, their inclusion in thermal and energy efficiency and how to eliminate them.


Decoupling Bypass

How this eliminates interactivity between the production and distri-bution side since compatibility between flows is essential.


Low Delta T issue

How to maintain the almost exact return temperature for chillers, (represent more than 50% of entire HVAC system) COP to be maximized for energy savings.


Pressure independent balancing and control valve - PIBCV

How this product is designed to control the flow, limit flow, take differential pressure readings, and system pressure readings. No other competitor can measure the system pressure as this device does.


DP Sensor to control VSP

Compares locations of sensor to show the flow performance that is achieved at terminals to prove that using a DP Control Valve is an ideal match for the VSP.


ESC (Engineering Support Center)

Showcases our support centers offerings for balancing, design reviews, and meeting customer requirements in order for the system to produce desired comfort at minimum energy. 


Domestic Hot Water

Water system, from hydraulic balance to pressurization and water quality, including thermal and energy efficiency related to the recirculation system.


Manual, dynamic and balancing valve and their applications

In partial load applications the autoflow will continue to open as the control valves, which is in series, closes.


Ball valve vs Y pattern globe style

Visual representation for degree of valve stem rotation corresponding to % of Cv for precise balancing with the TA Multi-turn Valve.


Differential pressure controller in branches

How this maintains ideal authority on CV’s, allows variable speed pumps to operate efficiently while maintaining a balanced system, and is unaffected by changes being made in other branches.