IMI Heimeier thermostatic control solutions for comfortable indor climate

Founded in 1928 in Germany, IMI Heimeier offers a range of products that you can trust to achieve comfortable and energy efficient indoor climates. Precise temperature control devices as well as innovative radiator valves have made IMI Heimeier one of the most recognized innovators in the HVAC industry for over 90 years.

Over time IMI Heimeier products have been standing for:

  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Quality materials for long durability
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy fit and forget installation



Our range of thermostatic heads

Thermostatic heads

IMI  Heimeier Thermostatic heads are designed to last. But moreover the range offers a choice from the iconic K-head with its broad range of option to the  design Halo range including the Halo B  for places where high resistance and theft protection is required.

We have a Thermostatic head for all occasions. Check out out range brochure for more details.

Discover Halo-B Our heavy duty head

When resistance and safety matters

New Halo B

The key advantages of this product are: 

  • Theft protection thanks to hidden access
  • Flexural strength of the thermostatic head up to 1000 N
  • Temperature locking function for constant temperature setting
  • With special key and without removing the protection cap temperature setting
  • Protection cap can be turned endlessly for product longevity
  • Liquid-filled thermostat with high pressure power and precision control
  • Combining the minimalistic design with extra robustness even in the toughest environments