As climate change concerns increase, and soaring oil and gas prices drive escalating energy costs, finding flexible and effective solutions that make homes more energy-efficient is a key priority. We are here to help you find the best solution that brings more savings while increasing indoor comfort!

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Achieve more savings and better comfort with our residential solutions!

Zelené Vlčince

AFC Technology is a game changer -  improving flexibility, energy-efficiency, ease of use. This residential project Zelené Vlčince is in Žilina, Slovakia, and consists of severa...


Delivering 15% energy savings to residential development renovation in Sundsvall.

Jever Residential Renovation

Delivering an energy saving hydronic solution to a residential renovation project in Jever, Germany.

New Recklinghausen City Gardens

AFC technology a game changer in renovation project.

NSHAMA Town Square

Discover how digitally configurable actuators could deliver high-performing climate control technologies to 18’000 apartments.

Pomona and Asterstraat

Major Residential Complex Refurbished with 2,940 IMI Heimeier Eclipse thermostatic valves in combination with Heimeier K Heads.