Brand portfolio

Solutions for every type of customer and every type of water-based HVAC installation

Throughout our history, we have been at the forefront of HVAC industry innovation. Our portfolio of brands has what you need – a complete range of unique, industry-leading products and services. Take control, increase efficiency and drive down initial and ongoing costs with innovative and reliable HVAC solutions.

IMI Pneumatex

An unparalleled range of Pressurisation, Dirt separation and Degassing solutions – multifunctional, hardwearing and capable of extending system life​. 


The market’s leading Balance, Control and Actuation technology provider​ – delivering optimum control for the perfect indoor environment.

IMI Heimeier

Europe’s leading Thermostatic Control solutions provider – with more than 120 easy-to-fit valve variations, innovative, high-quality design features and a range of thermostatic heads/sensors, thermostats and associated products, it’s the ideal range to meet your specific requirements.