Features & Benefits

    Easy commissioning

    Automatic measurement and adaptation to the valve lift as well as load-dependent end position switch-off helps to reduce commissioning time and protect the valve and actuator from overloading.

    Easy troubleshooting

    Protected hand drive for a safe manual operation which enables easy troubleshooting.

    Ease of service

    The actuator housing cover is easy to remove. Parameters can easily be changed on site.

    Technical description


    Modulating or 3-point control.

    Fail-safe function:

    Actuator's stem extended on power failure.

    Supply voltage:

    24 VAC ±10%
    230 VAC +6%/-10%
    115 VAC +6%/-10%
    Frequency 50-60 Hz ±5%

    Power consumption:

    24 V: 50 VA
    230 V: 80 VA
    115 V: 80 VA

    Input signal:

    0(2)-10 VDC, Ri ~77 kΩ
    0(4)-20 mA, Ri ~510 Ω.
    Signal direction and starting point adjustable by micro switches.
    3-point control.

    Output signal:

    0-10 VDC, max. 8 mA, min. 1,2 kΩ.


    0,05 V / 0,15 V / 0,3 V / 0,5 V


    Electric: 0,04 VDC
    Mechanical: 0,04 mm

    Control speed:

    3,5 s/mm

    Fail-safe speed:

    0,1 s/mm

    Adjusting force:

    2500 N

    Operation mode:

    S3 - 50% ED c/h 1200, EN 60034-1

    End position switch-off:



    Max. ambient temperature: 60°C
    Min. ambient temperature: 0°C

    Ingress protection:


    Protection class:

    (according to EN 60730)
    24 V: III
    230 V: II
    115 V: II


    Max. 40 mm

    Automatic detection of the valve lift (stroke detection).

    Electrical connection:

    Actuator with screwed terminals.

    Connection to valve:

    Simple attachment to the valve by means of M8 screws.
    For some valve types an adapter may be needed. Information on adapters included in valve datasheets.


    Black body and red cover.


    IMI TA, CE, Article No, product name and technical specification.


    12,5 kg

    Actuator variants:

    - Position switch unit:
    ►2 switches (WE1/WE2), potential free, infinitely adjustable.
    ►Rated load: 8 A / 250 VAC, 8 A / 30 VDC.
    ►Switching voltage: max. 400 VAC, max. 125 VDC.
    - Ingress protection: IP65
    - Output signal: X=0(4)...20 mA
    - Adapter with coupling for external product

    For variants and accessories please contact IMI Hydronic Engineering.


    Actuator's stem extended on power failure.

    TA-MC253 SE

    Actuator's stem extended on power failure.

    Supply voltage
    Input signal
    Article No
    24 VAC
    0(2)-10 VDC, 0(4)-20 mA, 3-point
    61 253-101
    230 VAC
    0(2)-10 VDC, 0(4)-20 mA, 3-point
    61 253-102
    115 VAC
    0(2)-10 VDC, 0(4)-20 mA, 3-point
    61 253-402

    For some valve types an adapter may be needed. Information about adapters are included in the valve datasheets.

    For IP65 version: Add "IP" after the Article No., example 61 253-101IP


    General actuator accessories

    Article No
    ACA 71
    Position Switch Unit (2 switches)
    67 071-250
    ACA 76
    Output signal: 0(4)-20mA
    67 076-250

    For IP65 version:
    See "Articles".


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