Efficient dirt separation technology


Efficient dirt separation technology

Boost the performance of your HVAC system with our separation technology


Flow noise, gurgling radiators and reduced heat output all become a thing of the past with efficient separation technology!

From residential projects to large-scale commercial installations, we have the right solution for all your water quality needs!

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Helistill Technology

The lower the speed, the higher the efficiency!


Achieve the highest separation efficiency in low flow conditions thanks to the Helistill technology.


How it works?

During the sedimentation process, the flow slows down along with the dirt particles entering the Zeparo chamber. Some particles start to fall due to gravity and the remaining ones bump into the helistill and consequentially fall down as well.

Helistill technology
Cyclonic technology

Cyclonic Technology

The higher the speed, the higher the efficiency!


Cyclonic separation efficiency stands out in system applications with higher flows!


How it works?

A water vortex exerts a centrifugal force on dirt particles and thrusts them against the separator’s outer wall. The lower velocity at the edge of the cyclone allows gravity to move the particles to the bottom of the separator.


360˚ rotation


With 360 degrees rotation design, Zeparo ZT turnable can be installed in vertical or horizontal pipes.

In addition, the separation chamber may be completely detached, allowing for installation in tight spaces.


360 rotation easy to install

Offices and commercial buildings


Offices & commercial buildings

Ensure a safe and comfortable work environment where your employers can thrive with a highly efficient HVAC system

Our expertise applied

Shanghai International Shipping Centre

Delivering an energy efficient solution to Shanghai's International Shipping Centre.

Palazzo di Fuoco

Pallazo di Fuoco, the historical palace of Loreto’s square, near Milan’s Central Station, will be renovated.

Schwandorf District Offices

IMI Hydronic Engineering AFC technology solves decades-long problem

The Green Office

Delivering a complete hydronic solution for France's first energy positive building.

Asia Square Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures optimal indoor climate for Singapore’s Asia square tower.

Astra Tower

Optimal room temperatures for Hamburg’s new Astra Tower.

Burj Khalifa Tower

IMI Hydronic Engineering saves time and creates the perfect climate for the world’s tallest building.

Československá obchodní banka

Universal bank Československá obchodní banka a.s. wanted optimal indoor climate and efficiency for its new headquarters, the biggest office building in the Czech Republic.

Cidade Administrativa Presidente Tancredo Neves

IMI Hydronic Engineering’ know-how in hydronic systems and HVAC optimisation helps meet ambitious efficiency targets at the new state government office complex in Minas Gerais, Brazil. ...

Energie AG

Making the world's first passive energy office building possible.

Ethias Head Office

Three in one’ solution offers improved indoor climate for Belgian head office.

Federation Tower Skyscraper Complex

​​IMI Hydronic Engineering ensures an ideal climate inside the highest building in Europe.

Flower Auction

Pressurisation system in the world’s largest commercial building helps maintain the optimum temperature for flowers.

Millenium Tower II

Balanced hydronic system provides energy savings and comfortable indoor climate in new office development.

Pabellón M, Mexico

Discover how on-off control could provide efficient system configuration to one of Mexico’s tallest buildings

Our solutions

District Heating & Cooling


District Heating & Cooling

We are here to help you provide energy 365 days a year, and count on excellent technical support in case of an emergency. 

Our expertise applied

RADET Bukarest district energy

When this massive network required a new hydronic solution to make the heating service more energy efficient, IMI Hydronic Engineering proved it was the company that could go the distance...




Create a safe and comfortable learning environment for students, educators and staff with a reliable HVAC system

Our expertise applied

Renovation of Educational Units

Renovation of Educational Units of City Buzau

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The university’s system had to be optimised to maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor climate with precise temperature control and a high level of efficiency.

National Blood Centre

Hydronic balancing technology quickly delivers effective indoor climate solution for new building.

University Park, Nonntal

Delivering a total hydronic solution to University Park, Nonntal in Salzburg, Austria.

Our solutions

Data Centres


Data Centres

Protect electrical components from overheating and avoid any potential system damage with a reliable and efficient HVAC System for Data Centres.

Our buildings

Buiding Healthcare

Guarantee patient and staff well-being with accurate delivery of temperature 24/7 to all different zones of your hospital with a well-balanced HVAC system.


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Building residential

As climate change concerns increase, and soaring oil and gas prices drive escalating energy costs, finding flexible and effective solutions that make homes more energy-efficient is a key priority.


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Building data centre
Data Centre

Protect electrical components from overheating and avoid any potential system damage with a reliable and efficient HVAC System for Data Centres.


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Building Manufacturing

Ensure correct operation of machinery for successful manufacturing with a highly efficient HVAC System!


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