Energy Efficient Homes

Buildings consume 40% of the world’s energy, with HVAC systems accounting for 50% of this consumption. Environmental concerns, legislation, and rising energy prices are dramatically increasing the need for efficiency in buildings.  As climate change concerns increase and energy costs escalate, finding flexible and effective solutions that make buildings more energy efficient is becoming a key priority for building and homeowners.

Kako uštedeti energiju kod kuće?

Dozvolite nam da vas vodimo kroz promene koje možete da izvršite da biste ostvarili više ušteda.


Saznajte više o energetskoj efikasnosti u stambenim zgradama uz našu besplatnu e-knjigu.

7 home improvements that save money on your heating bill

With energy prices increasing and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning systems (HVAC ) accounting for up to 20% of the world’s energy consumption energy even small changes in your heating and cooling system can contribute to lowering your energy costs. As indoor climate experts here at IMI Hydronic we would like to share some tips on how to save energy while enhancing your indoor comfort.

6 energy facts that can make your home more energy efficient

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (‘HVAC’) systems sit at the heart of every renovation project.  At IMI Hydronic, renowned for its engineering expertise combined with hydronic knowledge and experience, we have identified key energy insights that could create energy savings to be made in nearly every HVAC system.

What is the cost of discomfort?

During cold weather, do the rooms close to the boiler are too hot, while the ones further away floor are too cold? If you answered yes, your system may be out of balance.

A badly balanced installation does not only not give the required comfort, but it also does not work under its optimum conditions.

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